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Write INI help

Posted By: _DuDe_

Write INI help - 18/07/07 09:45 PM

I want to have a script writeini to a different folder. Example:

writeini $2 $+ .ini Link URL $3
writes to the .ini file in the mIRC install dir.

I want to have it write to an .ini file in the folder links in the mIRC install dir.

Please help.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Write INI help - 18/07/07 10:04 PM

alias link {
  mkdir Links
  writeini $+(",$mircdirLinks\,$1,.ini,") Link URL $2

/link mIRC www.mirc.com

Creates a folder called Links, with mIRC.ini inside it containing:

Posted By: _DuDe_

Re: Write INI help - 18/07/07 10:09 PM

Thanks, however right before I came back here to look for any responces, I figured it out on my own. Thanks anyways.
Posted By: NightChillz

Re: Write INI help - 19/07/07 01:43 PM

thats what they all say cool, not saying its not true btw, lol
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