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hadd only works if i use -s...

Posted By: Scorpwanna

hadd only works if i use -s... - 23/05/07 10:42 PM

I have never had a problem with hadd before. But in this script i'm working on if i just use hadd -m table item info it doesn't get added to the table. If i just put in the -s switch it does for some reason. But I don't want to have -s there... If I manually type in what I want to add it works but in my script it doesn't. It's weird.
  var %searchhashtable = $hget(mashtable,$2)
  if (!%searchhashtable) {
    hadd -sm mashtable $2 $3-
Posted By: RusselB

Re: hadd only works if i use -s... - 23/05/07 11:04 PM

I've never had this problem, and I am unable to duplicate it.

Have you tried using /echo -a $hget(mashtable,$2) after the hadd statement (without the s switch)?

To my knowledge, and I've been working with hashtables for quite some time now, the -s switch only shows what is stored in the table (likewise with most of mIRC's other commands regarding storage of information).
Posted By: Scorpwanna

Re: hadd only works if i use -s... - 23/05/07 11:07 PM

It appears to be working now... I just shut down mirc and restarted it and it's fine...
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