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Posted By: chiram Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:30 PM
How about someone explains the rules of the forum since they aren't available anywhere? Have had enough of my posts being deleted because moderators feel like it. I'm not being a troll, I'm actually pretty useful if you'd read my other posts, I'm just sick of these holier-than-thou moderators editing my posts and talking shit. Did i violate some rule that isn't published?
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:39 PM
If you've got a problem with a moderator then send a private message to them or send an email. Posting your own personal grievances on a public forum, the "Scripting & Popups" forum no less, is only liable to make more and more people agree that you are being a troll.
Posted By: chiram Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:41 PM
It's been 3 moderators so far wouldn't be surprised if it was a 4th one that edits this topic. I couldn't possible care less who thinks im a "troll" i came here specifically out of boredom and kindness to write scripts for people who had requested them. My last post got edited and then the one after it so now I'm trying to get some answers. yes posting it in this forum is slightly immature and obnoxious but what can you do heh.
Posted By: sparta Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:42 PM
I guess the only rules i know about is "dont help with file sharing" and dont help with "DCC problems (DCC can be used to share)", also "we dont help with warscript" like "mass kicks - mass deops and stuff like it" or anything else that "can" harm users and or servers.. i guess i missed allot, but thats what i remember now.

;-------------- Edit

Forgot, we dont help people get around a firewall or stuff like that when they are at school/work ..
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:43 PM
My last post got edited and then the one after it so now I'm trying to get some answers.

- Like I said, this isn't the best way to get them.
Posted By: chiram Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 09:48 PM
I suppose this only going to make me out to be a "troll" even more in everyones eyes but out of curiousity why are we not supposed to help with dcc? I can understand not providing links to download movies/music but is dcc not built into mirc for a reason? I find it ludicrous that we can't help people with dcc problems because they MAY at some point try and download something copyrighted. Why is DCC included in mirc at all then?

and yes, some scripts could be harmful to an ircd but banning people from publicly sharing those scripts on a forum hardly keeps your ircd safer. Security through attempted supression of "harmful" code is hardly security. Maybe more scripts like that being posted would encourage services modules / ircd modifications that can actually handle a level of abuse.

But what do i know i'm just a troll apparently..
Posted By: starbucks_mafia Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 10:07 PM
There's no rule preventing people helping with any DCC problems. The rule is not to help with issues clearly relating to illegal filesharing and to a lesser extent mass filesharing in general.

As far as war scripts goes, I don't know of any written rule, but I think it's generally accepted that it would come under common sense. War scripts and "IRC wars" in general have caused a lot of problems both on a channel level and for entire IRC servers and networks in the past. I don't think it takes a great deal of understanding to figure out why people aren't too happy with people posting scripts to that end on this forum.
Posted By: Mentality Re: Forum rules perhaps? - 18/05/07 10:12 PM
Hi there chiram.

Firstly I'll point out that starbucks_mafia is quite correct, posting this kind of issue in Scripts & Popups is wrong and you should deal with any queries you have over the decisions of moderators in private message, if it bothers you that much. I am replying here because anyone else who has this issue can now see at least my stance on the issue. This is in NO way some sort of "official" post though.

People who volunteer their time here to help others are truly appreciated. The forum couldn't run without the expertise of certain people, and it's great that people do that. However, everyone, and that includes moderators, are bound by basic netiquette. Being very helpful cannot be used as an excuse to occasionally break the rules, simple as that.

Which brings me nicely on to answering your question! There are very few published word-for-word rules on this forum. Never has been. I'm not gonna change that either. When someone is made a moderator they are not given anything like a "code of conduct" or anything. We're just people who are trusted by Khaled and/or Krejt to help with the maintenance of the boards. This means that moderation is very liberal. All decisions to lock threads or delete posts are based on common sense and how any single moderator sees a situation at the given time. It's really that simple. So far I think any regulars would agree that we've done a pretty good job, some long-time regulars have even noticed trolling has decreased.

Nevertheless, I can assure you that no moderator will delete your posts because they "feel like it". The specific thread I suspect pushed you to post this thread was locked for several reasons, which I politely outlined in my post. It's quite obvious a respectable forum isn't going to help with "war" scripts. I don't see the need for anyone to post a sticky explaining that, which links back to the idea of netiquette. Secondly, the original post is over 2 years old (so the chances of helping anybody was virtually non existent). Again, this is quite obvious to anyone who has some common sense and (again) who follows basic netiquette.

I hope that helps answer your question. However given the total inappropriateness of this thread, which you have admitted to yourself in your own post, I'm going to lock it. If you still have a problem please take it up in private message and I'll be glad to answer your queries, provided you're polite :-)

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