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Posted By: The_Game

Question... - 27/03/03 12:00 PM

I have my script running as well as this remote script which is acting as a bot, I am using an "On Text" command for it to "jump" servers. I have that part working because it reads a bunch of servers off of a text file and connects to a random one.

However, I am using Nickserv and i have the "bot" reconnecting and joining the channel but i cant seem to get it to identify. I have the nick registered and everything. When it joins it should be automatically opped when it identifies. How can i get it to identify after i force it to disconnect and then rejoin the channel opped? I hope this makes makes sence. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...any help is appreciated

*Note: The "bot" is disconnecting via the /quit command if thats any help
Posted By: Aubs

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:28 PM

I don't know the exact context, but you need to look at the notices you receive.

on *:NOTICE:*:?:{
;*someone else* :is supposed to represent the message nickserv sends you to tell you to authorise
  if ($nick == Nickserv) && (*someone else* iswm $1-)) { msg nickserv identify <password_for_$me>

you may want to put a timer on it, so if nickserv doesn't reply within a certia amount of time to sya you have been identified that you request it again...

As another suggestion, you could do:
on *:CONNECT:{ msg nickserv identify <password_for_$me> }

I think that's about the lines of what you want...

Hope it helps smile
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:38 PM

ok this part works...

on *:CONNECT:{ msg nickserv identify <password_for_$me> }

but i want to be able to autojoin a certain channel as well so where do i put that part?

Thanks BTW
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:49 PM

Nevermind I got it working....Thanks Aubs
Posted By: Aubs

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:50 PM

If you have all the channels you want to join in a variable, like this:

%AutoJoin.DalNet #Aubs #The_Game #Beginner

then do this:

on *:CONNECT:{
  msg nickserv identify &lt;password_for_$me&gt;
  var %i = 1
  while %i &lt;= $numtok($+(%AutoJoin.,$network),32) {
    join $gettok($+(%AutoJoin.,$network),%i,32)
    inc %i

or a simpler way would to *hard code* it:

on *:CONNECT:{
  msg nickserv identify &lt;password_for_$me&gt;
  join #Aubs
  join #The_Game
  join #Beginner

Posted By: Aubs

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:51 PM

NP m8 wink

You've posted 631 posts and don't know how to auto join a channel on connect!!! lmao! shocked
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Question... - 27/03/03 01:55 PM

Cut me some slack here ive been up for 38 hours already....at least wait til i have some more coffee....kinda a pain in the ass when youre dozing off....and trying to do something at the same time....i so wish they sold jolt cola here...LOL
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Question... - 28/03/03 04:22 AM

Ok i got another question. Using access lists i want to be able to add someone to the userlist for example like adding people to the ban list

I know my network uses chanservs AKick command but i want to be able to put someone on the list or to write it to a text file and if that persons on that list when they join chanserv kicks and bans them...I want to be able to add people to the list and to remove them by using the on text format

!addlist <nickname> ...to put them on the list
!remlist <nickname> ...to take them off the list...

Im not sure how exactly to do this but if anyone understands what im getting at i would appreciate any feedback
Posted By: Aubs

Re: Question... - 28/03/03 01:28 PM

If it is the case that you want ops to be able to type:
!AddBanList Aubs

and it stores their nick and address in the users list, then use:

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  if ($nick !isop $chan) { Notice $nick you must be an operator to preform this command. | halt }
  if ($1 == !AddBanList) {
    if ($2 ison $chan) {
      mode $chan -o+b $address($nick,3)
      kick $chan $nick Blacklisted.
      /guser =100 $2 3 $nick
      ;The above adds someone to the userlist with level 100
      ;in the form *!*user@*.host
      ;with the info as the nick of the person who added them
      /ChanServ AKICK &lt;nick/address&gt; &lt;reason&gt;
      ;&lt;reason&gt; can be anything ot you can use $ulist to get
      ;the .info (person who added the nick
      ;Or what ever the command to add someone to chanserv's list (either by nick or address)
  /auser -a =100 $2 $nick
  ;Can't get the users address, so use their nick.
  ;You should also get chanserv to add them to AKick

then have an on JOIN event that checks to see if the level of the joiner is in the list using:

$ulevel - Returns the user level that was matched for the currently triggered event.

Don't know if this is actually what you want, but hey ho!! - Hope it helps!
Posted By: The_Game

Re: Question... - 28/03/03 10:02 PM

Thanks ill check it out when i get the opportunity to.
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