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Posted By: Kurdish_Assass1n

Dialog Help - 05/05/07 04:34 PM

I haven't scripted in such a long time, I know this is possible. I can't find it though, I use Dialog Studio.

dialog help {
  title "Help Center"
  size -1 -1 105 142
  option dbu
  button "Button", 2, 36 125 37 12, ok cancel
  list 1, 26 30 50 50, size
  ; I know that it's supposed to go up here ^

How do I add a horizontal scroll bar when it will be needed. Thanks.
Posted By: hixxy

Re: Dialog Help - 05/05/07 05:02 PM

Add 'hsbar' to the styles of your listbox, and make a /did -z call when you've finished adding items to the listbox.
Posted By: Kurdish_Assass1n

Re: Dialog Help - 06/05/07 01:39 AM

ok, i didn't know about the "-z" thanks hixxy
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