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Posted By: WickedLady

Opless - 18/04/07 07:45 AM

my channel is opless, and some stranger put a bot in it so it will stay opless....
now the bot does have connection timed out once in a while, so in those 2 mins i should be able to rejoin and gain op again.
can any of you help me with a script for that? cause im not always around to rejoin manually.
thanks in advance!
Posted By: Doqnach

Re: Opless - 18/04/07 09:57 AM

go to the #help channel of your network and request a removal of that bot due to channel-takeover...
Posted By: Spitfire3292

Re: Opless - 19/04/07 04:42 AM

you could also make a script so that when the bot quits you will automatically /hop

on *:QUIT: if ($nick = BOT) /hop #CHAN

Just replace BOT with the bots name and #CHAN with your channel name. Easy enough? if you want to be super safe and secure you could use

if ($address($nick,2) = BOT's ADDRESS MASK 2) instead of if ($nick = BOT)

Hope this helps smile
Posted By: WickedLady

Re: Opless - 24/04/07 02:30 PM

thanks a lot, it worked wink
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