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Posted By: learn3r kick counter - 30/03/07 12:05 PM
on *:op:#: kick # nick,nick,nick,nick $ord(%kcounter)

that will only return

nick1 (1st)
nick2 (1st)
nick3 (1st)
nick4 (1st)
is it possible to count it 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Posted By: RusselB Re: kick counter - 30/03/07 01:51 PM
1) Where are you incrementing %kcounter?
2) To my knowledge (can't test this at the moment), you can't specify multiple nicks in the kick command.
on *:op:#:{
  if $me isop # {
    var %kick_nicks = nick nick1 nick2 nick3
    var %a = 1, %b = $numtok(%kick_nicks,32)
    while %a <= %b {
      if $gettok(%kick_nicks,%a,32) ison # {
        inc %kcounter
        kick # $v1 $ord(%kcounter)
      inc %a
Posted By: learn3r Re: kick counter - 31/03/07 07:43 PM
working but i already have a inc %kcounter on the kick event and it over increment the %kcounter

sampleon op kicks 1234
then i'll kick the next nick on join it'll return 6th not 5th
why is that?
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: kick counter - 31/03/07 08:48 PM
You only want to increment it in one place or else you'll double your increment.
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