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I have an auto updater socket script. It clear a mrc file and overwrites it from the file on my webserver. One file is the protections file and it has code to watch for a clear flood.

if ((
* isin $1-) || (* isin $1-)) {

When I download this, it loses the characters and leaves me with broken code.

if ((

isin $1-) {

Any ideas how I can get past this and still transfer the file through a socket?
My thought:
Set your 'funny characters' to variables, using concatenation $+( ) and
ASCII character numbers $chr(N).

set %xyz $+($chr(226),$chr(128),$chr(169),$chr(42))

You can get the ascii number with $asc(C)

In a table I have, it says the Euro symbol should be 164, but 128 was what I needed to use.
(Must be an old table?)
hey good idea I should use mirc $chr 's. laugh Thanks!
can i have your updater script please
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