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Unknown command - help

Posted By: reload00

Unknown command - help - 28/02/07 10:46 PM

hi guys
i have this kick-ban script for hosts
on ban-country:Join:#:{ .ban -k $chan $nick 2 banned }

(in section "users" area i have this):
ban-country:**.ca* iswm $address($nick,5)*
ban-country:**.sr* iswm $address($nick,5)* ..etc

and then when i am not channel operator always in status is appear this:
#BAN-COUNTRY Unknown command

Any help? why to do this?
Posted By: LonDart

Re: Unknown command - help - 28/02/07 11:14 PM

You imply that your script works fine when you have ops.

Since you can't ban anyone without ops, you should change the event to
on @ban-country:JOIN:#:{

i.e. put @ in front of the level.

Then it won't trigger when you don't have ops, so it should not show an error.

If the script just plain isn't working, you should post the entire script.
Posted By: DJ_Sol

Re: Unknown command - help - 28/02/07 11:43 PM

Id look at code above the #BAN-COUNTRY group. In my experience this error message would point to mismatched brackets.
Posted By: reload00

Re: Unknown command - help - 01/03/07 06:38 AM

i find it what's happening
the full script is this:

#Ban-country on
on ban-country:Join:#:{ .ban -k $chan $nick 2 banned }
#Ban-country off
menu menubar,channel {
Ban country / host (protection)
.Enable:/enable #Ban-country
.Disable:/disable #Ban-country

NOW WHEN i take of from the script the "groups" its not show the "#BAN-COUNTRY Unknown command" in status.
What happening, any idea?
How can i make it i have the groups and also not show the "unknown commands"?

The same problem i have also in this script
again when i have "groups".If i dont have "groups" its not show me nothing.

#Changedbadnick on
on *:NICK:{
if (*idiot* iswm $newnick) || (*full* iswm $newnick) {
var %i = 0
while (%i < $comchan($newnick,0)) {
;This while loop goes through every channel both you and the nick are on
inc %i
if ($me isop $comchan($newnick,%i)) {
ban -k $comchan($newnick,%i) $newnick 2 Banned!
#Changedbadnick off
menu menubar,channel {
Changed to badnick (protection)
.Enable:/enable #Changedbadnick
.Disable:/disable #Changedbadnick
Posted By: LonDart

Re: Unknown command - help - 01/03/07 08:08 AM

Change the end of your group commands to

#Ban-country end

#Changedbadnick end

This tells mirc that it has reached the end of the group commands,
so if group is off it knows where to pick up following the script again.

The beginning of the group commands will toggle between on and off,
with either your popups or typing the command directly.
Posted By: reload00

Re: Unknown command - help - 01/03/07 12:44 PM

Thank you very mutch.Now its ok.
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