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Posted By: danny375

Topic Colors - 26/02/07 09:24 PM

Hi Everyone

I just like to know if there is a script that can change the letters of a topic to a purple i just want the letters a nice purple ok

thank you
Posted By: drc4

Re: Topic Colors - 26/02/07 09:25 PM

while in the channel, and typing the topic, press ctrl+k. It will allow you to select a color of your choosing.
 /topic (press ctrl and k) TOPIC HERE 
Posted By: DuXxXieJ

Re: Topic Colors - 27/02/07 06:31 PM

If you press ctrl (controle) +k, you will see some stuff, you see colours, with numbers in it, when you press ctrl (controle) +k, you see a block in your input thing, if you type a number, and some text, you will get coloured text, if you do number 4. You will get Red

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