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Help Please

Posted By: Matrix

Help Please - 17/12/02 05:25 PM

I was just wondering if there is a way to edit more than just the commands menu in the menubar, or a way to be able to add more menus of your own.
Posted By: Merlin

Re: Help Please - 17/12/02 05:48 PM

Simple answere: No.
Posted By: Online

Re: Help Please - 17/12/02 07:51 PM

hmm... that was neat.
Posted By: DeXoy

Re: Help Please - 18/12/02 01:55 AM

actually you can, but u need a .dll i cant remeber the name of the .dll off hand but i will look for it and post the name of it.
Posted By: Cheech

Re: Help Please - 18/12/02 04:03 AM

if i understood yer question ? you just want to add a menu to the menubar ? as in
menu menubar {
you can chage the name of the menu from commands to whatever also as in Cheech's Stuff etc
by going into popups , menubar , and replacing commands with whatever ?
if you want to add another icon and a whole new menu ? then thats beyond me good luck .

never mind i see now i read the question wrong .
Posted By: DeXoy

Re: Help Please - 20/12/02 04:05 PM

here, i uploaded it for u..


this .dll lets u change the defeault menu;s and also add new menu's..
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