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little script needs help

Posted By: danzigrules

little script needs help - 09/02/07 09:39 PM

[/code]on *:text:!phone *:#: {
  var %text = $read(phone.csv,w,$2- *)
  if (%text == $null) msg $chan No show found for $+(",$2-,")
  else {
    tokenize 47 %text
    msg $chan  $+(",$1,")  $2  $3*

I got it do read what I want, but it cuts the end of the line off.

It is a long line of text, Includes name, nickname, 2-3 phone #'s country, cell provider, and a link to the cell SMS web page.

It cuts off 75-95% of the web link. Can it be fixed do display all the info?

Thank you
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: little script needs help - 09/02/07 10:25 PM

You probably reach the limit on text in a single line and will need to do 2 separate /msg commands -- one for everything but the link, and one for the link.

However, there are a few things with your script.

var %text = $read(phone.csv,w,$2- *)

Because you have a space between $2- and *, if you searched for "joh", it wouldn't pick up "john" because it expects a space after the text your'e searching for. Use $+ between those to fix that problem.

msg $chan $+(",$1,") $2 $3*

$3* ? Do you mean $3- ? Of course, if that's what you mean, you could just do $2- instead.

Also, $qt is good for quotes... $qt($1) instead of $+(",$1,").
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