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clock time help

Posted By: SithLORD

clock time help - 02/02/07 09:17 PM

alias time {
.echo -a 13,0Accediendo a la hora del sistema 
.echo -qa %time
.set %time $asctime($time)
inc %time

goto dani

but is freeze , any sugestions thnx
Posted By: DuXxXieJ

Re: clock time help - 02/02/07 09:53 PM

Is it a popup? Maybe i know then... confused
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: clock time help - 02/02/07 09:59 PM

It freezes because you have an infinite loop.

I don't know what you're using this for, but if you want to have the time appear every second or whatever, use timers:

/.timerClock 0 1 echo -qa $asctime($time)

Remember that if you do a .echo (with the .), you will never see the echo.
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