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Posted By: Daveinuk Nick / Address logger - 02/02/07 07:23 PM

I have been trying and with some success, to capture screen names and the address to keep an eye on people who are using more than one screen name, but as im connected to a java network, on the address i get either a series of number before the @ or letters/numbers if someone is using IRC. For example this is what I see when someone logs in:

prince_of_blair (94087855@UKCB-5F865DFE.sotn.cable.ntl.com)

I need to be able to log the screen name and the address from the @ or UKCB onwards, as the first lot of numbers change daily and would not let me know if they were using more than one name on the same address. I have a small script which is working and logging, it shows me when someone enters the room with a different name but on the same address, but if its a different day, the numbers would change and it wouldnt notice. Below is the script I have been given, is there any way someone can alter it so that it only captures from the @ sign or just after instead of the whole address please. So what im looking to log is the falling:

prince_of_blair @UKCB-5F865DFE.sotn.cable.ntl.com)


prince_of_blair UKCB-5F865DFE.sotn.cable.ntl.com)

Many thanks.

#clonecheck on
on *:JOIN:#:{
if ($nick == $me) { halt }
exoclonecheck $remove($nick,') $address $chan
raw knock:*: exoclonecheck $remove($nick,') $address $1
alias exoclonecheck {
if ($1 != $me) {
;If you want it to store more or less nicknames,
;change this number below to the number you want to store.
var %n 10

var %x $read($scriptdir $+ exoclonecheck.dat,sn,$2)
if (%x == $null) write $+(",$scriptdir,exoclonecheck.dat") $2 $1
else {
%x = $addtok(%x,$1,32)
if ($numtok(%x,32) > %n) %x = $deltok(%x,1,32)
write -l $+ $readn $+(",$scriptdir,exoclonecheck.dat") $2 %x
if ($numtok(%x,32) > 1) //echo -a $replace($1,>,Guest_) $+ 's Last $numtok(%x,32) nicks: $replace(%x,>,Guest_)
;elseif ((%x != $1) && (%x)) //echo -a $1 $+ 's last name: %x 

alias ecc.decode {
if ($msn.vver) return $msn.ifdecode($1-)
else return $1-
#clonecheck end
Posted By: Damsulegna Re: Nick / Address logger - 06/02/07 12:15 AM
i use http://www.mirc.net/download/snp/aka%5B1098581485%5D.mrc

just replace $address type 3 to $address type 2
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