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Posted By: SithLORD help on CHANEL - 25/01/07 04:41 AM
how can i do , to stop the list channel
i will like shows 5 channel per time , any help

raw 322:*: {
set %Loop 1
set %canales $2
echo -a $2 $3
inc %loop
if %loop > 10 { return }

Posted By: DJ_Sol Re: help on CHANEL - 25/01/07 08:01 AM
you cant stop the server from sending you the info but you can control how its displayed. But it's a bit intensive.

For one, window -h "Channels List" to get rid of the list window.

I make each line add the information to a hash table, then I read off the hash table. I personally have it show up on a dialog in a list. But you could do whatever you like with it. I choose a hash table because its very quick, you wont miss any rooms and because you can easily get rid of it when you are done with it.

raw *:*:{
if ($numeric == 321) {
window -h "Channels List"
hmake list 10 | dialog -m List List
elseif ($numeric == 322) {
did -a List <id> <channel information>
hadd $calc($hget(list,0).item + 1) $2

This is roughly what I do. Now that will get it to show in the dialog and add to a hash table. How fast you have it show is up to you.

if ($numeric == 323) tells you the list is done.
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