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user away check

Posted By: SuperMappy

user away check - 24/01/07 04:48 AM

How can I check to see if a user is marked as /away ?

if they are simply nicked AFK at the end, that's just a simple check to see if the last 3 characters of their nick is "AFK" or "BBL", etc...
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: user away check - 24/01/07 04:50 AM

you can /whois them and find outand utilize the RAW "I am away" code
Posted By: raZOR

Re: user away check - 24/01/07 04:58 AM

or do /who on user and if raw 352 holds G (think its $7 that has it but not sure, try and see) then user is set to Gone (away)

Posted By: landonsandor

Re: user away check - 24/01/07 05:07 AM

yup, that's another way smile And yes, $7 is the GH@*+ identifyer
Posted By: drc4

Re: user away check - 24/01/07 11:33 AM

Raw 301 appears to be the raw code for away.
Posted By: SuperMappy

Re: user away check - 25/01/07 09:08 PM

Ok, this is what I have so far, it's probably wrong:

/who $nick | raw352 | if (( $7 ) = G ) {
echo -a you are marked as away.

Sorry for my ignorance, the raw command is still the one that confuses me the most.
Posted By: HassanAbbas

Re: user away check - 27/01/07 03:27 PM

hey hey grin
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: user away check - 29/01/07 05:35 PM

alias checkaway {
  who $$1
raw 301:*: { 
  echo -a $2 is away: $3-

usage: /checkaway nickname
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