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Alarm Clock

Posted By: k1ll3rz

Alarm Clock - 06/01/07 06:03 AM

Is it possible to convert wut is put into an editbox into military time....say for instance i put 4:30 PM in $did(2) and clicked $did(3) to set it when the timer sets i need it to convert 4:30 PM to 16:30.....if its possible wut command do i need to use?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Alarm Clock - 06/01/07 08:55 AM

Basically /help $asctime
More specifically
on *:dialog:dialog_name:sclick:3:{
.timer $asctime($date $did(2),Hh:nn) 1 1 <timer commands>
Posted By: k1ll3rz

Re: Alarm Clock - 18/01/07 01:58 PM

i tried that command but all it returns is 186:00
Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: Alarm Clock - 18/01/07 03:12 PM

It should be HH not Hh. The 186 you see is 18h and 6p next to each other.

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