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Auto AUTH script

Posted By: uak

Auto AUTH script - 14/12/06 04:09 PM

How can i make Auto "auth" script

I would like it (mirc) to auto "auth" me when it connects to Quakenet

So can you make me a script like this?
Posted By: Sais

Re: Auto AUTH script - 14/12/06 04:33 PM

Looks like:

msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org AUTH $$?="username" $$?*="password"

will do the trick.

Put it in the quakenet-specific section of the perform options:
alt-o Connect->options [perform]
[x] Enable perform on connect
[Quakenet] (from the dropdown list - may need to [Add] it if it's not already there)
Then past the above in the editbox.

When you connect to quakenet, you will be asked for your username and password, then the auth request will be sent to Q.
Posted By: uak

Re: Auto AUTH script - 14/12/06 04:43 PM

That was fast.

Thank you very much!
Posted By: Bullseye

Re: Auto AUTH script - 14/12/06 04:49 PM

In mirc options click on the ' + ' infront of connect.
There you'll see another ' options ' click that too.
In the dialog you'll now see a button perform click that.
In the list below you can enter your auth command.
By clicking ' add ' you can add a server where that command needs to be done.( you'll need servers.ini in your mirc directory )

Damn i need to learn to typ faster smile
Posted By: Sais

Re: Auto AUTH script - 14/12/06 05:05 PM

What can I say? I'm bored at work waiting for stuff to compile/run laugh
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