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if op....

Posted By: Steganos

if op.... - 11/12/06 04:31 PM

I'm trying to make a notice to my aops in the server every time they join.

i got

on ^*:JOIN:#:{ notice $nick bla bla }

but I want to msg only the operators (sop, aop, ircop, founder etc).

How would I do this?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: if op.... - 11/12/06 05:17 PM

You can put all of them into your user list and set them to a specific level, or levels. Then, you can do:

on 100:join:#chan: { }

and just change 100 to match whatever level(s) you set the people at.

Or, you can send the message when they are opped instead of when they join.
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