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Posted By: learn3r quit message - 01/11/06 09:30 AM
%script == nameofmyscript

How do I make my quit message always be accompanied by %script at the end of the quit message?

example : when I type /quit blah blah out now...

my quit message will be automatically like this

* nick (*!*@*) Quit (blah blah out now... nameofmyscript)
or if no message has been typed on quitting default quit message will be use..

* nick (*!*@*) Quit (nameofmyscript)
Posted By: b1ink Re: quit message - 01/11/06 10:02 AM
maybe something like this??

alias quit {
if ($1 = set) set %quitmsg -s $$?
else quit $iif(%quitmsg,$v1,Bye)
Posted By: learn3r Re: quit message - 01/11/06 10:19 AM
alias quit {
if ($1-) .set %quitmsg $1- | /quit %quitmsg %script | .unset %quitmsg
else quit $iif(%quitmsg,$v1,%script)

I think this is the right code?

What about when i just click the quit on the menu?
and do not type the /quit
Posted By: KingTomato Re: quit message - 01/11/06 04:09 PM
If you're just going to unset the variable, better to use a var.

As a general reply, there's no need to set the script variable, only accompany it, as such this should work:

alias quit { /quit $1- %script }

No reason to make it more complex than necessary.

edit: (directer ad original author)
as a side note, if you're looking to use the original quit in a script or on your own, use /!quit
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