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Posted By: Canario window horizontal scrollbar - 06/10/06 03:04 PM
Hello all

I want to add a hsbar in a window if the text exceded the width limit of the window, but I only could make that with a listbox window.
Is possible make a normal window or picture window with horizontal scrollbar?
I try to make a picture window with /drawscroll but doesnīt work, maybe I mindunderstood the command.

Posted By: MikeChat Re: window horizontal scrollbar - 06/10/06 05:08 PM
b = update horizontal scrollbar width for listbox

so /window -b @windowname
Posted By: Canario Re: window horizontal scrollbar - 07/10/06 10:16 AM
Thanks MikeChat... I forgot to say that I donīt want a listbox window because I need that the window looks like the status background, and if I create a listbox window and the listbox is black or other color different to grey, the window is usseless for me.. Then I need a picture window or normal window... Thanks
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