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nickname completion!

Posted By: Qwayke2000

nickname completion! - 28/09/06 12:42 PM

is it possible change nickname completion? usually when i'm in channel and complete nickname it shows nick, but in x-chat nick completion shows nick :
can mIRC do that????
Posted By: vexed

Re: nickname completion! - 28/09/06 01:45 PM

Could try this here
Posted By: Qwayke2000

Re: nickname completion! - 29/09/06 08:47 AM

it was good script but the box was stupid

Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: nickname completion! - 29/09/06 07:41 PM

well a small script for mIRC that can complete this (AGAIN this is a small script UNTESTED UNTRIED my own code)

on *:INPUT:#:{
if ($left($1,1) == /) { return }
elseif ($1 ison #) { 
echo -t $+(:[,$me,]:) $+(15,$1,7:) $2-
.msg # $+(15,$1,7:) $2-

Keep in mind that should another on INPUT event occur it might not halt the text properly.
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