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channel key

Posted By: fallen248

channel key - 15/03/03 12:55 AM

Hey, i want to store the current channel key for say #test, to $chankey how would i do this so when the channel key was changed it would update? if this is possible
Posted By: Watchdog

Re: channel key - 15/03/03 12:59 AM

$chan($active).key returns the current channel key for the active window.
Posted By: fallen248

Re: channel key - 15/03/03 01:19 AM

ok that would work however is there a way to specify chan just incase its not the active window
Posted By: Nimue

Re: channel key - 15/03/03 01:20 AM


Or for that matter, $chan(N).key
e.g. $chan(1).key
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