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ini files and control codes

Posted By: Canario

ini files and control codes - 24/07/06 03:51 PM

I have an ini file with this info:

ban=14 <nick> pone ban a14 <banmask>
join=3Entra14 <nick> 3[<address>3]

Everything is ok but.... when I make /echo the first control code isnīt echoing

The /echo of $readini(file.ini,events,join) shows something like that 3Entra14 <nick> 3[<address>3]

Any idea? Thanks
Posted By: PhantasyX

Re: ini files and control codes - 24/07/06 04:45 PM

It appears this is an mIRC problem, it will start returning text up only when it reaches its first letter/numerical character and there after.

I tested this, it can be solved by adding "$chr(32) $+" after the item.
(eg. ban=$chr(32) $+ <control codes> test here etc)

For me, it returned the propper line when I added that. I also noticed that mIRC _will_not_ write control characters to an INI file even when evaluted with /. maybe a "plain text" flag should be added to the /writeini command?
Posted By: Canario

Re: ini files and control codes - 25/07/06 06:44 AM

Thanks for your help
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