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DCX listview scroll

Posted By: HAMM3R

DCX listview scroll - 01/07/06 05:10 AM

Ive got a DCX list. It has data in it. However, unlike most causes im NOT loading all the data in at once. It is added to the list as events happen. Because of this I need this list to scroll down when items are added, because they newest data is at the bottom. Ive done with with mdx using did -c. Please dont try to tell me to add the data to the top of the list. Id prefer it to be at the bottom just like chat windows. TIA

Posted By: kamicollo

Re: DCX listview scroll - 01/07/06 07:30 AM

Well, you can select using xdid -c, as you did in mdx. Or, add some CLA and make the list resizable (if it fullfils your needs).
Posted By: HAMM3R

Re: DCX listview scroll - 01/07/06 10:45 AM

Yeah but even though it selects the line it doesnt bring it into view. I still have to scroll to see the line.
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