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Posted By: CraZyHanD

Instant Reply Help - 30/04/06 07:16 PM

Im trying to make this script so that if anyone notices me and the word 'closing' is involved i will reply.
on *:Notice:*:?: {
/msg $nick Lalal

on *:Notice: * :?: {
^ Make this part so if someone says, 'we're closing' or 'closing door' ill reply. But 'we're closing' is oly apart of the other persons message, so their full message would be 'we're closing, please logout' and i would reply Lalal.
Posted By: OrionsBelt

Re: Instant Reply Help - 30/04/06 07:27 PM

on *:NOTICE:*closing*:?:{ notice $nick Lalal }

Try /help on notice
Posted By: schaefer31

Re: Instant Reply Help - 30/04/06 08:21 PM

This is more sufficient in my opinion.

on $*:NOTICE:/\bclosing\b/iS:?:{
  notice $nick Lalal
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