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Posted By: KidSol

scanning - 20/04/06 05:25 AM

Is it possible to make a script that can scan from a channel if that nick(only that nick) use bold, the script will copy that line of word that it post and paste it in a other channel?

like #channel A
<nick1> words goes here

it'll copy and paste it in another channel
#channel B
<bot> words goes here

could anyone help me out?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: scanning - 20/04/06 05:53 AM

 on *:text:*:#chanA:{
if ($nick == &lt;nick&gt;) &amp;&amp; ($strip($1-) == $strip($1-,b)) {
.msg #chanB $1-

Posted By: KidSol

Re: scanning - 20/04/06 07:06 AM

just tested, not working
Posted By: xDaeMoN

Re: scanning - 20/04/06 05:17 PM

 on *:text:*:#chan1: if ($nick == NICKHERE) &amp;&amp; ( isin $1-) msg #chan2 $1- 

* change #chan1, #chan2 & NICKHERE
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