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Posted By: Canario Change RGB Values - 12/04/06 06:39 AM
How I can change the rgb values of the color palette via command?
When you open the color dialog (ALT + K) 0 color is white , 1 is black, 2 is blue, etc... I want to change rgb values for this colors via command, like mIRC Schemes.
Posted By: RusselB Re: Change RGB Values - 12/04/06 07:03 AM
/help /color

To change the color of the Nth color in the 16 color palette to a new value, you can use /color <index> <rgb>

I think that's what you were looking for.
Posted By: Canario Re: Change RGB Values - 12/04/06 06:00 PM
Thanks RusselB I had read the help before but I mindsunderstood the /color command. I read it again and get it. You can note that my english is very poor :P. Thank you
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