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Posted By: vexed

editbox - 05/04/06 05:25 PM

Just wondering, i've added in .timer -m 1 1 editbox -f to my treeview switchbar for when i switch windows, but is there a way to focus the editbox without losing the text in it? it disappears if i write something, swap channels and come back to it.
Posted By: Bob57

Re: editbox - 05/04/06 06:41 PM

Iím not sure, but try this, from help:
Returns the text in the editbox of the specified window.
If N = 1, returns the text in the second editbox in a channel window, if it's open.

So before whatever erases the editbox do this:
var %editing = $editbox(window,N)
and when you return to the window:
editbox -f %editing
Posted By: vexed

Re: editbox - 05/04/06 07:35 PM

Excellent, didn't think about using a var, nice one dude.
Many thanks. smile
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