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Posted By: Gawker

help - 22/01/06 12:44 PM

i trying to check on what servers i connected and i made this alias
chckServ {
var %v = 1
while (%v <= $scon(0)) {
return $scon(%v).server
inc %v 1

i checked it by
//{ if (net.il isin $chckserv) { //echo -a $active lol } }
and it dont work i only get the 1st server in the list
what can b the problem and how can i fix it?
Posted By: hixxy

Re: help - 22/01/06 01:43 PM

The return command prevents any further processing of the current event/alias/etc, so when you return the first server it stops listing them.

Try this:

alias chckserv {
  var %servers
  scid -a $(%servers = %servers $server,)
  return %servers

//if ($istok($chckserv,net.il,32)) { do whatever }
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