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Auto ban on multiple kicks script?

Posted By: SMC

Auto ban on multiple kicks script? - 17/01/06 12:12 PM

is there a way to ban users once they have been kicked multiple times in a script? i am trying to have users banned once they've been warned enough times.
thanks smile
Posted By: captain_comic

Re: Auto ban on multiple kicks script? - 17/01/06 03:27 PM

Once I found a good flooding routine. Unfortunatey I don't know the name of the guy who wrote it, but he earns the credits! The routine is:
alias isflood {
  ;Call this identifier each time you want to check if there is a flood, for example
  ;on *:JOIN:*: if ($isflood(joinflood,5,3)) { mode # +i }

  ; $1 - name eg "joinflood"
  ; $2 - times (in how many seconds)
  ; $3 - seconds

  ;If not enough parameters, return
  if (!$3) return

  var %v = $chr(37) $+ isflood. $+ $1

  ;If the var doesnt exist
  if !$(%v,2) {

    ;Set it to 1
    set $(-u $+ $3,2) $(%v,1) 1 

  else {
    ;Else increment the var
    inc $(%v,1)
  ;If the var is more than or equal to what you specified (times)
  if $(%v,2) >= $2 {

    ;Unset the variable so it doesnt continually return true
    unset $(%v,1)

    return $true

  ; If it is not triggered return false
  return $false

Suppose you want to ban somebody for an hour who was kicked 3 times in 60 secs, you could do the following:

on *:KICK:#: {
if ($isflood(kicked $+ $chan $+ $nick, 3, 60)) {
ban -ku3600 $chan <nickname|address> [type]

Fill in the nickname or the address depending on the type of ban you want. You could also substitute the $nick part in if ($isflood... by an address if you like, to prevent nickname change.
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