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Posted By: WarlockW $nick isop = op what is command for : ~ & - 06/01/06 04:43 AM

On a network that uses: ~ and & and @

IF: $nick isop = op
what is command for : ~ & <signs ?

if ( %nick isop $chan ) goto end
^^^^ < I need this to igone everyone from OPS up!

Thanks ..
There is no command higher than @op (isop). I'm not sure how mIRC treats the ~& prefixes, but I think that anyone with those modes is also @op'd, so $nick isop $chan should be true for them.


Well Not On the network i am testing the script frown
i believe for ~'s you use

if ($nick isowner $chan)


each of the above returns a number if the nick is the respective operator or null if they are not

there is also the isowner operator as mentioned above
im not aware of any operator for +a
so you may have to use the method ive listed
,good luck

darn need three different comands .. for this to work ?
actually if your looking to catch anything above ops but not be specific isop will do the job just fine
i would use
if ($nick !isop $chan)
I use:
 if ($left($nick(#,$nick).pnick,1) isin $prefix) &amp;&amp; ($left($nick(#,$nick).pnick,1) == ~) 

Change ~ to & if you wanted it for channel admins of course.
//echo -a $nick($chan,<nick>).pnick will catch any possible mode prefixes.
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