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on text question help please

Posted By: crazy0ne

on text question help please - 22/12/05 04:45 PM


menu channel {
God Settings
.Full Enable:/enable #god
.Full Disable:/disable #god
#god off
on *:text:*name*:#:{
kb $chan $nick Don't Say God Names!
#god end

ok well, i need help make it do it only kb's non ops that say the god name.. please help, thanks.
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: on text question help please - 22/12/05 05:44 PM

on @*:text:*names*:#channels:{
if ($nick !isop #) ban -k # $nick 2 Don't Say God Names!

Btw, like you can see I've changed # to #channels (you should put your own channel in there), because this woudl trigger on any channel you are in. If you want it to trigger on multiple channels you can put them there, sperated by commas like: #chan1,#chan2,#chan3 etc.

Also added @ so that it only triggers if you have operator status in the channel.

I seriously advise you to make the matching criteria (*names*) stricter, as that would be plain cruel to ban someone for saying the word "names" but I suppose you will put your own "swear" words there later.
Posted By: Bundy

Re: on text question help please - 22/12/05 11:07 PM

Now why can't they say God? What if I'm a Sex God? Well, let me not state the obvious ne :P
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