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Uno Script

Posted By: gliX

Uno Script - 12/11/05 03:11 AM

Looking for an uno script, I was wondering if one is premade or if it would be easy to make. I've seen a few floating around so one is probably made for public use. Here's one I found in #flukes via gamesurge:

[21:43] <EggBert> gliX played a Green 7! Play moves to BotPlayer!
[21:43] <EggBert> BotPlayer played a Green Skip! mTs`HeadAche was Skipped..Play moves to gliX!
[21:43] -EggBert- Your cards are: Yellow 1, Green Skip, Red Reverse, Red 1, Yellow Reverse, Yellow Draw Two, Red Reverse,
[21:43] -EggBert- The Current Card is: Green Skip
[21:43] <gliX> play green skip
[21:43] <EggBert> gliX played a Green Skip! BotPlayer was Skipped..Play moves to mTs`HeadAche!
[21:43] <mTs`HeadAche> play b s
[21:43] <EggBert> mTs`HeadAche played a Blue Skip! gliX was Skipped..Play moves to BotPlayer!
[21:43] <EggBert> BotPlayer drew a card...
[21:43] <EggBert> BotPlayer has passed! Play moves to mTs`HeadAche!

Posted By: RusselB

Re: Uno Script - 12/11/05 03:58 AM

Uno Bot
Posted By: gliX

Re: Uno Script - 12/11/05 04:51 AM

Thanks, looks good. Only problem is that..a player who joined the game left the channel and it was his turn. The bot didn't acknowledge he had left the channel so no one could go cause it said "It is still this player's turn" How do you kick someone out of the game if they leave the channel..I don't see it on the readme.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Uno Script - 12/11/05 09:04 AM

You'd be best to ask the author of the program for that information. I don't use that program, just remembered seeing it.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Uno Script - 12/11/05 09:34 AM

Something like:

On *:Part:#YourChannel: {
  if ($hget(uno,+up) == $nick) hdel uno +up

On *:Quit: {
  if ($hget(uno,+up) == $nick) hdel uno +up

On *:Nick: {
  if ($nick ison #YourChannel) {
    if ($hget(uno,+up) == $nick) hadd uno +up $newnick


Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Uno Script - 14/11/05 03:13 PM

Well, I think that part/quit will work only if the person leaves WHILE it's his/her turn. I didn't get or look at the bot script, so I'm unsure how +up is used. So, perhaps I'm wrong.

I'd say that you should put a thing in the game, wherever it starts a player's turn, that if the player !ison $chan then it will change players and remove that player.
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