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Posted By: XGamerAMD help on this - 11/11/05 04:31 AM
raw 322:*: { .close -c $nick | echo -a $2- | halt }
raw 323:*: { halt }
i want close the channel window how i do

Posted By: RusselB Re: help on this - 11/11/05 05:35 AM
Make sure the following is unchecked:
mIRC Options - IRC - keep channels open

Then to close a channel, part the channel (/part <channel>)
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: help on this - 11/11/05 08:32 AM
Might I also add that you cannot use the $nick identifier in Raw events.

Posted By: Riamus2 Re: help on this - 11/11/05 03:29 PM
Yep. I think $1 would be what is needed in the RAW... But you may have to look into it more. That's just from memory and I never said my memory was good. laugh
Posted By: MikeChat Re: help on this - 11/11/05 05:16 PM
in RAW $1 is you

$2 is more likely what is needed
Posted By: Canario Re: help on this - 18/11/05 05:38 AM
I think he want to close the mIRC Channels window, not the #channels window
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