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Know of a Halloween Script

Posted By: Gremel

Know of a Halloween Script - 31/10/05 09:52 PM

Was jsut curious if anyone here had/knows of a decent halloween script?
Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: Know of a Halloween Script - 31/10/05 10:10 PM

heres one

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
if (boo isin $1-) {
quit Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh theres a ghost around


checkout mircscripts i suppose
Posted By: Confuzzled

Re: Know of a Halloween Script - 01/11/05 09:19 AM

you can try that http://www.colorteam.net/colorteam_dl.htm i suppose, not sure if it's outdated but they made pretty colorful stuffs for special occasions
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Know of a Halloween Script - 01/11/05 02:04 PM

Define "a decent Halloween script"... what would you want it to do? Of course, now it's a bit late for Halloween scripts.
Posted By: Gremel

Re: Know of a Halloween Script - 01/11/05 10:09 PM

Well, what I was thinking of doing, though I never got around to it, was make something that would 'post' spooky things every now and then. I was then thinking of doing something that would allow me to switch themes, for example have spooky things happen during halloween, christmasy things during x-mas, random gifts during b-day's, etc.

But kinda got lost in how to do such a thing. frown
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Know of a Halloween Script - 02/11/05 02:21 PM

That wouldn't be too difficult to do.

A very simple way would be to have each "theme" as a text file where each line is randomly read. There are more advanced ways, such as using hash tables or adding a dialog to make adding/changing themes easy. Here is an example of the simple way...

alias StartTheme {
  .timerTheme 0 [color:red]600[/color] msg $1 $read($2 $+ .txt)
alias StopTheme {
  .timerTheme off

Feel free to change the alias names... I couldn't think of anything good for them. smile

/StartTheme channel/nick themename

/StartTheme #help Thanksgiving

(You type that from the bot itself)

Change the red to set the time between the text... 600 is 10 minutes (600 seconds). For this to work, the "themename" needs to have a text file in the main mirc folder called the same thing with a .txt extension. So, for the example above to work, you need a text file named Thanksgiving.txt with the lines in it.

Just as a note... the way this is set up right now, it will only message one channel or nick at a time.

Again, this is just a really simple example of how to do it.
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