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escaping single charecter ($regex)

Posted By: whoami

escaping single charecter ($regex) - 21/10/05 02:07 PM

Hi sorry for annoying but i just wants to know how can i skip single charecter?
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: escaping single charecter ($regex) - 21/10/05 02:11 PM

In regex you can escape a character from having its "special meaning" by prefixing it with a \ or by enclosing it within \Q\E

For example, the dot normally matches any character, though if you use it like: \. or \Q.\E it is now a regular dot. You might wonder how you can escape the char \ then, well by simply putting another one in front of it. \\
Posted By: whoami

Re: escaping single charecter ($regex) - 21/10/05 03:59 PM

special thanks fop and sorry for annoying blush
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