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help me please

Posted By: bojak71730

help me please - 10/10/05 10:43 PM

i was wondering if someone knew of a good tutorial for people that are just starting out too make bots i really wana learn how to make bots just dont know some good tutorial soo please help me!!!
Posted By: Mentality

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 10:49 PM

Please do NOT use the 'Notify Moderator' button to draw attention to your post, it won't make us answer you, but rather, do the opposite.

Posted By: RusselB

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 10:52 PM

I don't know of a tutorial that covers bots, as bots can incorporate a number of different aspects, some of which have tutorials.
A location with a lot of tutorials, ranging from newbies to expert levels is Tutorials
Posted By: bojak71730

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 10:54 PM

srri thats what i thought it was for .... soo u think u can help me?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 10:58 PM

The Notify Moderator button is to bring special attention to a post, usually for things like inappropriate content, multiple postings of the same thing in different forum areas, etc.

And check out my previous response.
Posted By: bojak71730

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 11:08 PM

umm that tutorial has nothing about bots on it i need somthing that will explain a lil bit about bots
Posted By: coax

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 11:18 PM

maybe if you could list some of the features you want in your bot, it would be easier for everyone else.
Posted By: bojak71730

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 11:23 PM

well i just wana learn the basics...
Posted By: Om3n

Re: help me please - 10/10/05 11:27 PM

A good place to start is by typing /help and reading. The scripting functions are the same no matter what the purpose. Then when you have an idea of what you want to create you can proceed to the above mentioned tutorials page and see if there are any that cover similar things.
Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 02:42 AM

Here's a tutorial simple and short

put this on your bot (2nd mirc script) or anything like that put this in

HOLD on keyboard ALT press R let go > Click File > New

put this there

on @:TEXT:*:#: {
;basically here says your creating a on text event so if a text is said in a channel we call it on text and also only Operators (ops) can performed this command
if ($1 == !fire) && ($2 ison #) {
;here we basically say if $1 (1st word) equals to !fire then perform next command and also makes sure that $2 (being the 2nd word which is the nickname is on the channel before kicking or banning)
describe $chan has fired $2 from channel
;Same has using /me has fired nick from channel you see i use $2 here the reason is because $2 = the second word so if i use !fire Dave it will fire dave from channel
mode # +b $address($2,3)
;Bans the address of the $2 (2nd word being the nickname)
kick # $2 You have been fired from $chan
;kicks you guessed it $2 (2nd word being the nick) from # (current channel script is performed in)

else read /help on TEXT
or /help like someone said smile
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 03:31 AM

I hope not all tutorials are like that, that wont work.. smile

on @<level>:TEXT:*:#: {

* Andy points Lpfix towards the On Text section of the help file.. smile

Posted By: Lpfix5

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 04:07 AM

I thought you were suppose to be.. laugh

anyhoo yeah i missed out the * or 1 :S
Posted By: RusselB

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 04:53 AM

That is a Tutorial section, not a single tutorial, and each of those tutorials can help you learn about the different parts that can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with others to make a bot.
Posted By: Merlin

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 07:50 AM

For a tutorial how to make mIRC Bot go to this page: http://www.mishscript.de/tutorials/mircbot.htm
Also, you can find a complete help file with hundreds of tutorials and references at: http://www.mishscript.de/msbindex.htm
I hope this is what you are looking for.
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 08:07 AM

Meep meep!

I don't see the $eval tutorial in Mscriptbox yet o.O
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: help me please - 11/10/05 01:12 PM

A bot is nothing more than a lot of scripts put together on a an extra client. All tutorials will help you to add scripts to do what you need into the bot. That's how you make a bot.

For example, if you want the bot to prevent floods, go look up a flood protection tutorial and add a script for flood protection into the bot. If you want it to send a !help file to someone, or just respond with text to a trigger like that, look up tutorials about ON TEXT or DCC SEND. And, of course, the help file is a great resource.
Posted By: Merlin

Re: help me please - 13/10/05 07:32 AM

mScriptBox 1.10 has been released now - Be happy with it smile
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