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F buttons

Posted By: Iljan

F buttons - 17/09/05 08:23 AM

I have the controll + F? and the shift + F? an the normail F buttons all in use, are there more options? Like Alt? and what is the command in the aliases?
Posted By: RusselB

Re: F buttons - 17/09/05 08:40 AM

I doubt the Alt button along with a F-key can be reprogrammed, as some of them are already preset,
eg: You can also use Alt+F1 to show/hide buttons.
eg: Alt+F4 is a Windows command to close that application
Posted By: Iljan

Re: F buttons - 18/09/05 09:46 AM

and ctrl + shift + F1 would that work?
Posted By: MikeChat

Re: F buttons - 18/09/05 04:30 PM


Function Key support
You can redefine function keys to perform certain commands, just like aliases. For example:

/F1 /say Hello!
/sF2 /query $1
/cF3 "commands"

The s and c prefixes for Shift key and Control key respectively.

Note: A function key will behave differently depending on the window in which it is used. For example, when using it in a query window the $1 parameter refers to the selected users nickname. If you're on a channel and the nickname listbox is active then the function key will work on the selected nicknames. If the listbox is not active, the function key will just work on the channel.
Shows the help file and is context sensitive, so you can press it in a dialog and it will bring up the help file section describing that dialog. Remember that if this key is redefined as an alias it will no longer work as a help key.

Displays the Keyword search dialog for the help file. If this is redefined as an alias it will no longer work as a help key.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: F buttons - 18/09/05 05:08 PM

controll + F?

They aleady said they're using the control key one dude.. smile

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