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On join, list channels

Posted By: fgonzaro7

On join, list channels - 11/09/05 11:46 PM

i can do this from
Options --> Connect .--> Options --> Perform --> Perform Commands --> /list

but what i really want is the list of channels saved in a file different than "channels.txt", e.g. "name of network".txt
because if i connect to multiple servers at the same time, one "channels.txt" overwrites the other.

thank u
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: On join, list channels - 12/09/05 01:44 AM

Can't you just press Alt+L to open mIRC Channels List dialog from there you can change the file it's saved as?

Here's something that may do the trick.

Raw 321:*: {
  write -c $+(channels,$upper($network),.txt) $server $asctime

Raw 322:*: {
  write $+(channels,$upper($network),.txt) $2-

If your on a network it writes to file channelsDALNET.txt for example. If you aren't on anetwork it writes it to channels.txt simply removing $network from the equation. smile

Posted By: schaefer31

Re: On join, list channels - 12/09/05 01:44 AM

mIRC does this by default.

The channel lists are stored in the /channels directory of your mirc client.
Posted By: hixxy

Re: On join, list channels - 12/09/05 03:27 PM

The following code will write to <name of network>.txt in your channels\ directory in the main mIRC directory.

raw 321:*: .fopen -no channels_ $+ $network $+(channels\,$mkfn($network),.txt)
raw 322:*:{
  if ($fopen(channels_ $+ $network)) .fwrite -n channels_ $+ $network $2-
raw 323:*:{
  if ($fopen(channels_ $+ $network)) .fclose channels_ $+ $network
Posted By: fgonzaro7

Re: On join, list channels - 12/09/05 08:22 PM

thank you

this is what I was looking for

bye smile
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