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Posted By: droi $addtok problem - 30/06/05 11:40 AM

Can anybody tell me why mIRC isn't placing a point between these two numbers? It needs to return in 100.100 isn't it?!?


It works when you use $addtok(100,101,46) for example...
Posted By: Mentality Re: $addtok problem - 30/06/05 11:50 AM
$addtok doesn't work if the specified token is in text (so 100 is in 100, 101 is not in 100).

Use $instok:


Posted By: DaveC Re: $addtok problem - 30/06/05 02:11 PM
$instok(100,100,999,46) would be more identicle to $addtok (minus the dont add if duplicate), 999 since that well always make it the last element.
* i mean this for real examples of course since you could just got 100.100 for the above smile
Posted By: Sat Re: $addtok problem - 30/06/05 02:26 PM
I've always used N=0 for that, e.g. $instok(100,100,0,46). Undocumented behaviour, but rather convenient.
Posted By: DaveC Re: $addtok problem - 30/06/05 06:13 PM
-1 puts it one in from the end so i guess it just follows 0 would put it at the end, i use 999 since with the string limit u cant have even 500 items let alone 999, and 999 for me stands out as PUT IT AT THE END smile
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