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Monitor file changes option

Posted By: tontito

Monitor file changes option - 24/06/05 03:16 PM

does anyone knows it the "monitor file changes" option can be activated with a command?

Also need to know if there is a way to order an addon with a command insted of ordering it using the menus.

thanks for all
Posted By: MikeChat

Re: Monitor file changes option - 24/06/05 07:18 PM

by addon if you mean a loaded remote file then yes:
/reload -rsN filename.ext
where N is the possition you want the script loaded
/reload -rs3 myscript.mrc

as far as running a process outside mIRC look at using COM

I am not up to speed on using COM commands but maybe someone else can help with that
Posted By: tontito

Re: Monitor file changes option - 24/06/05 11:03 PM

Ok Mike, many thanks for that tip.

About the file monitor option, any tips?

thanks again
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