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Posted By: juble badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 02:22 PM
i wonder if is it possible to create a script that my bot to /hop from channel every 20 min and after every time that join to check every user (i have in my channel not more than 10 person each time) and if its find a user who is in a badchannel to ban-kick him!!!
did anyone knows anything about this?
thanks guys
Posted By: clutz1572 Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 02:53 PM
there are many posts on this subject that i'm sure will help you out, try to use the forum search feature (it could be your best friend cool). also try doing a web search using google on the subject, cause there are a few ready made snippets around as well on other sites..
Posted By: juble Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 04:49 PM
I dont mean a simple on join badchannel kicker (who kicks only when a user its join in a channel ) i mean if is in a channel and then he goes to a badchannel ..thats thing i think is a difficult.

Maybe either a /hop command its not necessary
Posted By: xDaeMoN Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 08:53 PM
You can try this

 on me:*:JOIN:[color:red]#CHANNEL[/color]: $+(.timercheck,.,$cid,.,$chan) 0 [color:red]20[/color] if ( $me isop $chan ) wscan $chan 

alias wscan { 
  if ( !%scan.chan ) set %scan.chan $1 
  if ( !%scan.nick ) set %scan.nick 0 
  inc %scan.nick 
  if ( $nick(%scan.chan,%scan.nick) ) { 
    .enable #scanr 
    whois $v1 
  else unset %scan* 

#scanr off
raw 301:*: halt 
raw 311:*: halt 
raw 313:*: halt 
raw 312:*: halt 
raw 330:*: halt 
raw 319:*: { 
  if ($me isop %scan.chan) && ([color:red]#BADCHANNEL[/color] isin $3-) { ban -k %scan.chan $2 2 Bad Channel Detected }
raw 318:*: .disable #scanr | wscan | halt
#scanr end 

It sets a timer when you join the specified channel, checks every 20 seconds if you are an op or not then activates the alias to check every user in the channel if they are in the specified bad channel.

**Change the values of those in red
Posted By: DaveC Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 11:03 PM
Can someone tell me a legitimate reason for kicking someone becuase they were in ANOTHER channel? Doesnt sound very open minded to me, but im willing to hear contry views.
Posted By: Mentality Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 11:21 PM
Legitimate? There is no illegitimacy when it comes to ops banning people from their own channel.

I have banned people for being in bad channels before, mainly because a channel is very well known for harbouring flooders, or channels which facilitate child pornography. Some channels mainly set up for younger people (irrespective of who thinks younger people shouldn't be on IRC) don't want to have people who are in #horsesex on #irc4kids.

Another example, following on from the last, is that some channels are for 18+ or for other certain age groups, and so will detect 'kid' channels, or vice versa.

Posted By: DaveC Re: badd channel bankick - 09/06/05 11:25 PM
See there ya go a legitimate reason.
Posted By: IR_n00b Re: badd channel bankick - 10/06/05 03:45 AM
simplest way, but only in servers that support the +b ~c:#channel
unreal IRCd has it, so most likely the server you are on will support it.
someone on #spammernation is trying to join your channel, and starts flooding,
you can place a ban on ~c:#spammernation
if there are channels that have spam in them, or their name keeps chaning do a +b ~c:#*spam*
and if someone is on #nospam and they are your frends, you can do a +e #nospam, but mind that then the spammers may join that channel and join yours.
Posted By: clutz1572 Re: badd channel bankick - 10/06/05 06:40 AM

from a ops viewpoint, you said it all! laugh
Posted By: juble Re: badd channel bankick - 10/06/05 11:06 AM
beacause i don't want people that talk on my channel and a sex channels or bdsm channels at the same time. It's everyone's right to talk wherever he wants but it's my right to believe that those people that talk in such rooms they look something else but the simple company and friendship.. so is my right not to allow them in my room. Now, if i am wrong i don't mind because the irc is an enormous place and they 'll find their lair and the company they look for!
thats my opinion

* at your house, you let every single passer get in? why i have to do that in my room?
just beacause it's irc? :P smile

Thanks for scripT xDaemoN
Posted By: juble Re: badd channel bankick - 11/06/05 02:17 AM
one more thing............
if i want to protect (to not kick from bot) one nick how can i make it this?
with if ($nick == nick) { halt } ???
or something else
an if it is corect this were can i put it inside the script ?

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