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Posted By: Sleepyfreak

lanugage - 09/06/05 07:06 AM

could someone please make a script where i join #espanol (spanish channel) and when ever someone says sumthing it pops up as english and i need to type english and it shows them its spanish??
Posted By: defiant

Re: lanugage - 09/06/05 08:03 AM

If you give me a complete word list with

english - spanish

it'd be easier wink
Posted By: Sleepyfreak

Re: lanugage - 09/06/05 09:02 AM

i don't thats why i'm asking for the script
Posted By: clutz1572

Re: lanugage - 09/06/05 12:12 PM

IMO, that would be an interesting addy.. although, something like that would be a huge project but worth it. then there would be other languages to consider also, because if you do one there would be requests for others guarenteed! grin lol
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: lanugage - 09/06/05 01:22 PM

I think I've seen scripts that had translation capabilities. I've never used them, so cannot tell you how they work or if they are any good.

Note that you can usually get free translation dictionaries online (edicts). Then you can use a $replace routine to do the translation. The problem with it is that you would be getting word-by-word translation rather than sentence translation. This is usually an incorrect way to translate text no matter what language you are using. Still, it would be close enough in most cases to be understood.
Posted By: xMIRCd

Re: lanugage - 10/06/05 10:42 PM

i'd recommend using a webpage type translator: eg
on ^*:INPUT:[color:red]#chan[/color]:{
dowebrequest $1-
alias dowebrequest {
sockopen webreq www.[color:red]sitename.ext[/color] 80
sockwrite -n webreq GET [color:red]/path/to/the/translator[/color] HTTP/1.1
sockwrite -n webreq Host: www.[color:red]sitename.ext[/color]
sockwrite -n webreq Connection: Keep-Alive
sockwrite -n webreq $crlf $crlf
on *:SOCKREAD:webreq:{
var %tmp = $null ;declare
sockread -f %tmp
webreq_parse $sockname %tmp
alias webreq_parse {
if ([color:red]$xxx == yyy[/color]) {
var %msg = $remove($2-,[color:red]any html stuff[/color])
msg [color:red]#chan[/color] %msg
sockclose webreq

it's time consuming and very slow, but it's my best bet.
Posted By: Sleepyfreak

Re: lanugage - 25/06/05 01:11 AM

could you please have a look for this script dued to some funny reasons

1) i have been made the owner of the room
2) i don't know what they are talking about
3) i need to know what they are talking about
Posted By: Sleepyfreak

Re: lanugage - 29/06/05 07:47 AM

hey Riamus2 if you do get that script could ya also get one for Dutch? :P smirk laugh
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