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Posted By: SkyD

Translate - 08/06/05 12:13 PM

Hey.. I need a script which makes words with lengthening mark.. For example i wrote "Janels" and i need to put it in channel with lengthening mark..

Sorry for english!
Posted By: Bullseye

Re: Translate - 08/06/05 02:25 PM

be more precies.
explain more of what you want
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 01:58 AM

What is a lengthening mark?

You write "Janels"
You write "Fred"
You write "BobThemagicDragon"

Show us what should appear in channel for each one
Posted By: clutz1572

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 05:11 AM

do you mean like a acronym type script? and "Janels" is short for somthing else?

EXAMPLE of an acronym
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
Posted By: SkyD

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 12:56 PM

Okey, other example.. I wrote "Jeska" or something else.. And .. i need that not shows Jeska but Jeshkja .. i need script with INPUT event..

Sorry for english again!
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 01:29 PM

Is there some standard format to how that is done? Like if you have "ska", it is always "shkja"? If there isn't any standard way this is done, then you would need to supply a list of all words you want changed from one way to another.

I've never heard of "lengthening marks" before and it appears no one else here has either, so you'd need to explain how and why they are used so we can find a way to make a script to do what you need.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 01:42 PM

Well, I looked up some on lengthening marks and I see they have something to do with clarifying pronunciation of words (often vowel sounds).

Like I mentioned above, you'd need to either give us a list of words as you would type them along with how they should be displayed, or else give us a standard method of determining how the lengthening marks are used.
Posted By: SkyD

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 01:48 PM

I don't need word list, i need to translate some letters in word.. "k" will be translate for "kj", "L" will be translate for "Lj"...
This code i don't need -->
on *:INPUT:#:{
if ($1 == k) { say kj }

I need something like this:

on *:INPUT:#:{
if ($1 == kakis) { say kakjis }

... but it isnt that i need.. I need script which translate every word i say...
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 02:08 PM

on *:INPUT:#:{
  if (!$istok(/ $readini($mircini, text, commandchar), $left($1, 1), 32)) && (!$ctrlenter) && (!$inpaste) {
    var %text
    var %i = $0
    while (%i) {
      var %text = $+($left($($+($,%i),2),1),$replacexcs($mid($($+($,%i),2),2), [color:blue]k,kj, K,Kj, l,lj, L,Lj[/color] )) %text
      dec %i
    msg $chan %text

See the blue section , add what ever ones you need in there.

NB: you said k does not become kj, so i assumed the first letter of a word doesnt get done.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 03:06 PM

Nice script. I started working on it, but got called away to work on something at work, so couldn't finish. smile
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Translate - 09/06/05 11:00 PM

Thanks , funny thing is im working in the dark abit, since he doesnt give many examples and there hard to follow "k becomes kj, but if i say k it should not be kj" errrr what?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Translate - 10/06/05 02:03 PM

Well, from what I saw with looking up what lengthening marks are for, your script is correct... it should change k to kj only if it not the first letter in a word. The only thing that may be incorrect is that if k is the last letter in a word, it may also not need to be changed to kj. I'm not sure about that, tho.
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