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Posted By: bloodfog Socket connection - 17/05/05 10:29 AM
I'm trying to connect to a irc server that can be connected from java chat, but I couldn't figure out where to start, here is the url of the site that I'm trying to connect from mIRC:

java chat

Can you please check out what/where should i do/start? What is needed, I really appreciate who will be willing to help me..

Posted By: Darkmnm Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:08 AM
I don't uderstand what it is you are asking for. Do you want help in making your own java for your site so you can connect to irc via that site and your just using the supplied URL as a reference as to how you want it or are you just trying to connect to irc via that java applet and are unable to. If you are trying to connect using that applet and are unable to then there is one of two probable issues, one being that the java site you are attempting to use is just messed up and not working correctly and two you need java enabled within your browser and/or the java plugin (java virtual machine).
Posted By: Mpdreamz Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:16 AM
the easiest way would be to use nhtmln.dll and dock that url to an @window, tadaa else socklisten what that website sends back and output that, there are several great socket tutorials on http://www.mircscripts.org
Posted By: bloodfog Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:17 AM
I am trying to connect from mIRC using that java, the server that uses this java has closed its mIRC entrance so that I cannot connect using mIRC to that server, hope you get me better..
Posted By: SladeKraven Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:23 AM
I don't know if we're allowed to help, if they've blocked mIRC clients from connecting we'd be disobeying the servers wishes in helping, so unless I get word from a moderator I can't help I'm afraid.. frown
Posted By: bloodfog Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:30 AM
I wish it was that easy Mpdreamz,
/sockopen mynet irc.mynet.com 6667
 on *:sockopen:mynet:{
  sockwrite -tn $sockname NICK somebody
  sockwrite -tn $sockname USER java * * :javauser
on *:sockread:mynet:{
  if ($sockerr) {
    echo 12 -st > Hata: Bağlantı hatası, lütfen tekrar deneyiniz.
  else {
    var %temptext
    sockread %temptext
    echo %temptext

I just can see

:irc.mynet.com NOTICE AUTH :Hostname lookups disabled. Using your IP ( instead.
:irc.mynet.com NOTICE AUTH :Please wait while your system is scanned for insecure proxy servers...
:irc.mynet.com NOTICE AUTH :No open proxies were found on your system.
Posted By: Darkmnm Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:30 AM
Well I opened my IRc and n the statu window typing /server irc.mynet.com I connected but then got a "Software caused connection abort" so the connection to the server isn't "mirc entrence" isn't closed, it seems the server is just having some issues. It's a foriegn server/language so I really don't know what else or however else I can help. Maybe someone that speaks that can help you further but it doesn't seem to be closed just having issues right now.
Posted By: bloodfog Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:40 AM
That is what i am talking about, they are not having connection issues or any other things, they just closed mirc entrance, you can just connect fine to their server from their java. You can just get the 3 lines that i stated above, what i am trying to do is conect to server with sockets.
Posted By: Mentality Re: Socket connection - 17/05/05 11:52 AM
In the case that a particular network staff will not allow access from IRC clients, we do not help evade that policy, just as we don't with MSN.

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