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Posted By: Sleepyfreak

helper bot - 16/05/05 09:06 AM

hey can someone give me a script whic would help people so if u connect to i.e. nl01.scoutlink.net and join #Irc_Help and see bot its just a helper bot
Posted By: Sleepyfreak

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 10:44 AM

could anyone help me or not
Posted By: DanielC

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 11:13 AM

First off, don't demand help. (the 2nd post you made, make it seem as if you're demanding it.. atleast to me.) The people that offer help on these forums dont get anything in return for offering the help. Nor do I think a couple hours is a significan time frame to expect an answer. Secondly(if you werne't demanding, this one still makes its point.), you've got to be clear in what you're looking for help with. Do you want to bot to notice everyone when they join? That can be done with.

 on *:JOIN:#Irc_Help: { if ($nick != $me)  .notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , I'm a help bot (or whatever you want it to say.) }  

or are you wanting the help bot to have an ~ prefix by it's name, to show it's a helpbot. That's could be achived by typing /mode #Irc_help +h <BotNick> depending on if it's supported or not. I'm not sure if any of this helped. But with such a broad request, nothing can be expected.
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 11:33 AM

I didn't take what he said as a demand but I can see from your point of view where that came from looking back, and you're entirely right they need to be alot clearer, I thought they wanted us to code an on the fly AI bot, and my first reaction was "Geez, I've just got back from the gym the last thing I want to do is create life...".

One slight change to your code would be to remove the IF statement and prevent the event from triggering with the ! prefix, course it's not me being picky etc.

On !*:Join:#irc_help: {
   notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , I'm a help bot (or whatever you want it to say.)

Might be an idea to make sure they're an operator on the channel too.

On @*:Join:#irc_help: {
   notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , I'm a help bot (or whatever you want it to say.)

Posted By: djdj

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 02:38 PM

You should know that this is not a "you ask - they give-thing"!
Why do you ask for scripts when you make your own? It's not your OWN script when you do things like this.

Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 03:40 PM

You're right this isn't a you ask we give. Although, from what I've seen on the forums these last 3 years is that most helpers who dedicate their time help others regardless of attitude, I'd still help someone if they shouted in my face (or try to help) but that's just me hehe.


It's not your OWN script when you do things like this.

You'll notice quite alot of helpers that are on here will write up an on the fly script, but the less experienced users might not draw it up to scale because most scripts do generally take longer than a day. And the grateful users who have been helped on here will most probably include you in the "Special thanks to.." or credentials etc.. I think I've only ever had that happen to me twice by alhammer and Forgotten who also use these forums.

Posted By: Riamus2

Re: helper bot - 16/05/05 03:54 PM

Yeah. I like scripting, so I don't mind putting together scripts for people so long as it isn't a huge task to do. It is good for someone to actually try and script something, but some people just aren't programmers and never will be. Granted, they can usually get what they ask for from script sites... but that's okay.
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