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Ok, so MikeChat has helped me a lot making this script
which automatically refreshes the channel list window
randomly every few seconds. It is very cool, but I have
one little problem that I can't figure out and no one else
seems to know either :S.
I thought I'd make a new topic for it since the other topic
isn't even visible in the list for the forum anymore (I
looked, yup!). smile

Here is the code for the script, the problem is below, afterwards:

;;;; chanlist
#chanlist on
raw 321:*:{
window -hn "Channels list"
if ($appactive == $true) {
if ($window(%active).type == channel) { window -a %active }
;;; only sets focus if a channel window was $active

window -hls @chanlist1
window @chanlist 0 200
raw 322:*:{
aline @chanlist1 $right(... $+ $3,4) - $2 - $4-
raw 323:*:{
set %showtime $ctime
;;; settup to show the delay, remove if you dont want this (as well as the line below that has $duration in it)

write -c @chanlist.txt
savebuf @chanlist1 @chanlist.txt
clear @chanlist1
.timerrelist 1 $r(377,1233) chanrelist

alias chanrelist {
echo -s $duration($calc($ctime - %showtime))
;;;; this shows what the delay was in status, remove this with the settup above if you dont want to see the delay

set %active $active
clear @chanlist

alias reversesort {
var %clistlines = $lines(@chanlist.txt)
while (%clistlines) {
aline @chanlist $read -l $+ %clistlines @chanlist.txt

dec %clistlines
sline @chanlist 8
#chanlist end

The problem is it flashes mIRC's window every time
the /list updates itself.

I like mirc flashing when new text is in the channel
I am in etc, that is what I have it set to do and I like
that, but it's a bit confusing now it flashes too when
the list updates, giving me a "false alarm" thinking
people are talking when they're not smirk

Is there any way to make it not flash mIRC's taskbar
button/icon when the script updates the list? Any help
would be greatly appreciated confused
Please don't cross post. Have patience. smile
Please don't cross post. Have patience. smile
Stop trying to be a smartarse for a change, craven.. :tongue: It's not in the list of topics in the forum so no one except those that had seen it before anyway could see it, if I hadn't reposted..
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