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status bar options

Posted By: juble

status bar options - 28/04/05 08:19 PM

hi again fellows
i have make a liitle statusbar in the bottom of my mirc and
from here and there without knowing anything about sscripts i make something like this :
it has :
Nickname: balabalabla .............and the other side on the corner the name of the script.
Now this things i made it with hOS.dll and when i open the mirc my name is ok but if i want it to change when i am on line (/nick blabalba2 ) its NOT change it in statusbar -
This is what i have in the remotes (i am sure its not ok but its works)
Is there anyone who can make how to change the nick in statusbar when i change it manualy ?
..and if anyone knows how i put also in statusbar the name of the server that i connect ?
i need this:
nickname .......................server ...............................script name
this is i have now in my remotes:
 on *:start: {
  //dll hOS.dll AddStatusBar | //dll hOS.dll SBSetData 2 +n 1 GTR Script 
  //dll hOS.dll AddStatusBar | //dll hOS.dll SBSetData 1 +n 1 $chr(160) Nickname: $me
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: status bar options - 28/04/05 08:57 PM

I've not use hOS.dll, but by the looks of it, you can do it like this:

on *:nick: {
  if ($nick == $me) {
    //dll hOS.dll AddStatusBar | //dll hOS.dll SBSetData 1 +n 1 $chr(160) Nickname: $me

Note that this is not a mult-server thing... if your nick isn't the same on each server, you'll have to do more scripting to make it change when you change from server to server.
Posted By: juble

Re: status bar options - 29/04/05 08:27 AM

this is work only if i am on line
i needed to work also and off line (to change the nick i mean)
Posted By: Darkmnm

Re: status bar options - 29/04/05 10:14 AM

I've also not used hOS.dll for my statusbar but I put my statusbar on timers for the four different areas of information so each one updates itself.

//dll hOS.dll AddStatusBar | //dll hOS.dll SBSetData 1 +n 1 $chr(160) Nickname: $me | .timer662 -o 0 1 $mircnick

alias mircnick { 
  if ($dialog([color:blue]statusbar[/color]) == $null) { .timer662 off }
  else { did -o [color:blue]statusbar[/color] 1 2 + 2 Nick: $me }

Change the blue information to the name of your statusbar dialog. I'm not sure this would work for you because I did my statusbar alot differently then you did yours but you atleast have a general idea as to what can be done so to make your statusbar update itself. For each peice of info in your statusbar you can use a timer.

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