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Little script

Posted By: aDevil

Little script - 25/04/05 06:37 PM

on 1:input:#:.msg #tojas $chan - $1-
on 1:input:?:.msg #tojas $me -> $active - $1-
on 1:text:*:?:.msg #tojas $nick -> $me - $1-

Why doesn't working? frown without < . > it is working but showing the text
Posted By: SladeKraven

Re: Little script - 25/04/05 06:40 PM

You need to use halt. Echo it too.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Little script - 25/04/05 07:10 PM

Yeah. Unlike most commands, you can't use a "." to hide what is happening in MSG. I'm not really sure why you can't use .msg the way you can use .notice or similar. Actually, I seem to remember it being possible prior to 6.16, but I could be remembering it incorrectly.
Posted By: CtrlAltDel

Re: Little script - 25/04/05 11:29 PM

You CAN use a "." to hide what is happening. It hides it completely from you. Open another mirc and you will see the channel message, but you will not see it with the mirc that's originating the message.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Little script - 26/04/05 12:42 AM

I use .msg a lot, and with no problems...I think the problem they're having is the fact that they have the . immediately after the : They should try putting a space in between.
Posted By: RusselB

Re: Little script - 26/04/05 12:44 AM

Try this
on 1:input:#: .msg #tojas $chan - $1-
on 1:input:?: .msg #tojas $me -&gt; $active - $1-
on 1:text:*:?: .msg #tojas $nick -&gt; $me - $1-

Just put a space between the : and .msg
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Little script - 26/04/05 12:51 PM

Strange... I've had issues with .msg in mIRC 6.16. It gives an error message. I'll have to test it out later. Maybe there was some other issue... though it worked just fine when I had removed the ".", so we'll see. smile
Posted By: billythekid

Re: Little script - 29/04/05 10:47 AM

i have no trouble using .msg although the "inputted" text is still shown if you have the target window open, if you do .msg somenick message from a script you wont see it go...
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